A copyright question

I am currently remaking a Hive costume. Can I use it as a skin in outside The Hive and possibly in Minecraft animation and thumbnail? I won’t share the skin file with anyone, I will only show the costume like this pose:

I really need to know as I don’t want to deal with copyright issues later. :ok_hand:

Edit: If you’re a mod or a helper, feel free to leave the response in PMs. :mailbot:

Edit 2: I have that costume on The Hive

yeah as far as i know it’s not an issue, you wouldn’t be copyrighted

you’re copying something, as long as you don’t sell or show it as ‘yours own creation’ or likes it should be fine.

how do you plan on using a 4d custom that isn’t on the market place as a skin, just curious because i got stuck on this and used armour stands instead

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It’s an usual skin. I’m not going to go too further with making it into a 4D skin as I am not an expert. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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alright good luck, kristiyaan

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