512 gold quest is too much

I understand that the get gold quests are extremely easy in twars, but I feel like the get 512 gold in one round is too much. It relies on you being either the only good person or for you to target all other good people, hoping they don’t take out the turtles. This is because of the amount of time it takes for that much gold to generate.

I though the same. I joined the server a some minutes ago and I saw this quest. And it needs to be done in a round.

You could play mega tho

I guess that would work for it. You then have to deal with teammates standing on all of the gens

Take out the opposing team and don’t care about that one hider. Use their generators and get 512 gold ez

Yeah mega is the way to go. With upgraded generators it’s not my least favorite quest.


What is the suggestion here?

Also there is a way you can glitch it

I disagree. It takes a while, but it shouldn’t be removed. I always do this on RNA’s I only ever have to try once, and it only takes around 10 mjnutes

Its easy to cheat anyways ; )

Wow, mega really does make this too easy. Maybe they could make it so gold quests exclude mega or something and bring the number down

I don’t find the quest an issue besides how much QP you get in return. I got mine completed earlier today in duos TW heh.

yeah, I guess it’s only bad in solos.


same, nobody really cares