36, 37, 38 and 39!

I hit lvl 39 today and hopefully tomorrow I will hit lvl 40! Hopefully I can get out my Ghost Invasion montage this week when I get my clips. I need 4K ish xp and if anybody wants to join me hit lvl 40 in SW just PM me or say it on this post

edit: Do u like my clickbaity title?




haha non beat you to level 40

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haha non beat you to level 40

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Poggers, good luck! The costume is pretty cool :beedance:


i just got level 40 yesterday :slight_smile:

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Congratulations :partying_face:, I am so excited :grin: to see :eyes: you so close to reaching level 40 :four::zero:, you deserve it for your hard work :construction_worker_man:.



oh wait that’s just me

:cake: you can make it to 40!


today is the day I hit lvl 40, grinding SW soon…

also editing my Ghost Invasions lvl 20 montage

You forgot to bring up block game
Congratulations :partying_face:, I am so excited :grin: to see :eyes: that you nearly :soon: got a number :1234: on block game to :four::zero:, you deserve it :partying_face: for your hard work :construction_worker_man:.


this is my grind, avoid the notes I took just that I didn’t earn 3K xp so I grinded a bit more

this goes all the way till now

Keeping track of it is a whole new level of dedication, most of us just say 1 level each day, and just get on as much as possible.


I did that with survival games lmao, INFACT I HAVE A WHOLE DISCORD SERVER FOR IT

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 1.15.47 PM

also this sounds dumb but while today is my last grind, should I try to speed run perfect solo skywars to try and get a WR? No one has done it

might as well give it a shot

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No don’t because that speedrun category thing is so dumb

get gud, I reached level 40 on mobile and I didn’t create a topic for it


Bruh same but i am lvl 11

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yeah im stuck at level 40 and i cant seem to level up, i dont know why…

/s this is a joke dont take serious tyty


wow how didnt you know that level 40 was the max, you cant go any higher! how dumb do you have to be to not know this smh

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smh my head im lvl 20 git good
imagine being 39 smh my head 20>39