3-Use Shield Topic

The 3-Use Shield is a limited Item that there are only 16 Shields in the entire game. You can only have to your self the max of 4 shields. The reason I want this in game Is because of Dieing too easily to a Diamond Sword When I have Diamond Armor and the enemy does not have Diamond Armor. Pls I would really appreciate if you consider trying this out for 1 day.

You’re just playing against good opponents


Look man What about the Noobs? Like what about if your treasure is destroyed you get a 3-Use shield in the ender chest with curse of vanishing so you have a chance to escape.

I mean, you got dia armor, I think that’s enough protection


If you have a diamond sword you can kill somone with diamond armor. I got mauled by 3 people with stone swords

Get better at then game I guess, I’m bad too, just practice

Im lvl 33. Im good its just somtimes we have teamers and hackers so its just a way to say to have more health

If what makes something balanced is rulebreakers, it shouldn’t be added, as that will only encourage more people to break the rules to fight against it

Well just for 1 DAY pls i just want to try it out

There are many people who wouldn’t want shields in the game so I don’t think it’s going to ever be added.

Also shields have already been suggested before, so this is a duplicate suggestion which aren’t allowed here. You can add your opinion to the existing suggestions if you like.