3 times death in DR

This morning I have played Deathrun and I was 3 times death. I don’t know why happened, but I was very happy. :slight_smile:

@crazyman1234 @kaiurii @SirUntouchable vouch this happiness xD

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If I get death 3 times in a row I queue out of all of them, but whatever floats your boat

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why is this in help me lmaoo

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he needs help as to why the RNG did some 1/125 move!!1!!1!1!2!1

Because if I put it in bugs, Splodg3r will close it and mark it as #not-a-bug.

But yeah, it was between 7:30 AM EET and 8:00 AM EET and there were very few people there. I tried to play SG Solo, but there were only ~4 players. There also was a bug.

Death 3 times in a row (if that’s what this topic is insinuating) is a (1/10)^3 chance, or a 1/1000 chance.

And yes why are you happy about this? Rare sight seeing someone LIKE being Death.


@SirUntouchable there wasn’t a lot of players so the odds were much higher

I mean, people usually like being death until they get good at being runner(what happened for me and some other people I know)

crap I thought there were 4 deaths :confused:

do #games:deathrun @mckristiyan28yt

Dos Ryan, Dos.