3 New Mount-Related Hub Titles

My suggestion is 2 new hub titles. The first new hub title will be called “The M/mounter”. You get “The M/mounter” by operating a mount for one hour straight. As in you are the person controlling the mount. The next one is “The H/hitchhicker”. This is earned by riding in the passenger seat of a mount for one hour. For example, the passenger seats of the cruiser. The M/m and H/h is to show it can be uppercase or lowercase. And the third one I just came up with a couple minutes ago “The Master Mounter”. You get The Master Mounter by having every single mount. And there’s also the question of what about if new mounts come and to that I say oh well.

i think this would be better to be obtained by just being on the mount for an hour combined from all of your times in the mount rather than an hour straight.


True, it can be boring just staying in the hub and riding for 1 hour straight but ig some people might find it fun but I still agree with you.

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I mean
Ppl sat an hour straight in the monorail and the Christmas train

I think to onfinity and beyond qould be copyrighted

True just something related to it would be good

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“TO INFINITY AND BEYOND is a trademark of Disney Enterprises, Inc… Filed in February 4 (1998)”, yes it is trademarked

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Bumping this due to how many reports splodger edited causing it to get buried.