20 minute challenge

Hey everyone!

I was bored so I decided the create an island in 20 minutes alone in just build, and I actually found it to be super relaxing. I spent 17 minutes creating the build showcased here: (spent 3 minutes afk lulw) https://youtu.be/WQniq5XJJpw

So my challenge for you is: what can you make in 20 minutes? You can have a preset theme and it has to be alone. Post your screenshots/videos down below and we can all stop post farming and maybe have a little chat for once about what we like in other peoples builds and what we/they could improve on. Happy building and have a great week!


I like the octopus thingy :o

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carrot cake for @distincttrain56 :smiley:


Me: sets the theme to Autumn
Me: I’ll make a big tree with orange leaves
My brain: gray and pink dragon
But hey, for someone who never gets good fps and also has to find blocks in German, I think it’s not terrible xD