2 Ideas For Murder Mystery!

Idea #1 : All Skins are jumbled. It will change your skin to a complete random skin to provide more secrecy.

Idea #2: A Separate spectator chat, again to provide more secrecy and a better experience for players

Hope to see these in game soon <:

Spectators aren’t supposed to be able to chat, that is a bug. The hive is try to fix it soon!

Also even though I agree with skin jumbling, some people might find a issue with that as your skin is one of the few ways you can express yourself, otherwise these are great suggestions!

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I don’t want my skin to be jumbled! Also, I think that that there already is a spectator chat as my chat is gray whenever I say gg after I die


Yeah I can see both ways, like personally I’m fine with skin jumbling, but I know others are not

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I think this chat shows to the people playing, but it’s just gray to show that you’re a spectator.

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ok, that’s annoying. And I thought it was a patch to fix it…


Actually I’m wrong, they fixed it, that is indeed spectator chat, sorry for the fake information @BlazeDrake

cool, I was hoping that was it

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