1v1 for hive plus?

Hello! I am fairly new to the hive and was wondering if anyone wanted to 1v1 for hive plus!

So, are you saying that you 1v1 somebody, and if they win you give them Hive plus? Please explain better in your original post.

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Welcome to the forums. Like @thatOthrNerd said, your original post is pretty confusing and vague. If you want anyone to participate, you’ll need to provide some more info.


i am saying that i want to 1v1 someone and if i win i get hive plus

I mean, there’s some people that just spam gifts and if you ask they’ll give it to you. But if you’re challenging someone, if they win, they’re probably just going to want something.

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Welcome to the forums!

Yeah, it won’t seem pretty fair, I agree. If you win you get Hive Plus, if the other guy wins, they don’t get anything. Just find gifts, or participate in events like the Spooky Trivia for a chance to win Hive Plus.


So technically begging? Dude there are many better ways you can get Hive+. Don’t have Minecoins? Just use Microsoft Rewards, which is finally now continuing again after several months.


thank you for the helpful response

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hey! i was just asking to see, just saying it could be a tiny bit offensive to tell soemone to “just buy it” if they arent very wealthy


Sorry, I didn’t mean that to be offensive. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can get it with QP

you are wrong lol

if you play on win10, you can do microsoft rewards to get hive+

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can’t you use the microsoft rewards site on mobile as well?

At the vey least, you can also do it on Xbox.

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yeah but you cant use the xbox gift card


Contests, or giveaways must be discussed with a moderator before being made, and can not require a monetary commitment


but isn’t that petty to respond and try to get hive+ for free, buying hive plus yourself can actually support your favourite server. join the discord if you actually want free hive+ or try your luck on other giveaways.

They brang it back? Oh I was wondering, I thought I got punished or something like that.