1st Parkour Suggestion

Well yall probably know for the parkour starting next to Survival games npc. Well, I got suggestion for it to make it a bit easier.
When you go to parkour on 1st podium, you reach checkpoint, and whenever you fell, you will respawn on lastest checkpoint.
Here are the places where checkpoint should be:

remember this is just concept

This would really help people to finish it, even I didn’t finished it.

Well I hope this will be added

(also, this is reupload cause i messed up something with last one)


I like this idea BUT I think there should be a checkpoint at that first pillar, and then you have to do the other half of the parkour. And if you fall, you get given a heart of the sea (or something circle) and then you respawn if you click it.

Ye, this should be good too

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no offense but it’s already quite easy.

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That is quite subjective as some people struggle with it even though you might not.

“struggle” everyone struggles. or most people. me included.
but of it was too easy then where’s the satisfaction. it’d be too free. it’s supposed to be a challenge. something you grind. so either maybe add checkpoints and make it longer or smth.

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While it is not meant to be easy to accomplish for everyone I personally didn’t get any satisfaction completing the parkour. Also someone who wants to complete the parlour without using the checkpoints can still do that and this suggestion is more for people who want an easier way to complete the parkour.

Just my opinion on this suggestion

Yes we need this.
Even though we have an unofficial checkpoint at the mountain, it would still be useful for, like Vortex said, people who are not as skilled in parkour and want an easy way to get. You can always brag that you completed the parkour without falling and respawning in a checkpoint
This will also give more contrast to the second parkour, with no checkpoints, people will get the idea it’s much more harder

This would make it wayyy to easy to do the parkour…


You can’t just ask for checkpoints cause your bad at parkour just suck it up. The beginning bit is easy also your able to skip half of it so theres no need for checkpoints

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I love the idea! However, if Hive were to input checkpoints within both parkour courses, where would the challenge be?

As a mobile player it was really hard to finish the final part of the parkour. It was 2 years until I recently completed it. I felt accomplished. It may have been challenging but with enough practice I was able to complete it :slight_smile:

(note: half of me wishes there were a checkpoint)