1st Giveaway! πŸŽ‰

Hello I am making a giveaway for a hive costume gift I bought during the block Friday sale.

how to enter just reply with your ign and say something funny

That’s pretty much it I think so gl also giveaway ends on Friday December 10



IGN: SpringPea100
Something funny: What did one oak leaves said to the other? Leaf me alone

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ign: @ThqtzKqrma4u <3

kale > cael

good luck, and thanks for hosting

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IGN: @ThqtzKqrma4u
Something funny: If I was a Minecraft block what would I be? Air because I’m a decoy and I don’t exist

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IGN @ThqtzKqrma4u

Something funny


oh wait i forgot to say a fact

xavior >hodsun

there there

also meri 3 entries in a row?! poggers

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hey wait that’s me…

and also OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS </3

Enter for someone else not meeee :’) </3



if you know what i mean

ok I might as well get infected with Meri virus now.

IGN: @ThqtzKqrma4u
Something funny: my life.

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IGN: @ThqtzKqrma4u
Something funny: Someone needs to call air traffic control, I have a series of jokes that can’t land well.

Good Luck everyone!

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Man, Im gonna be sad when this chain breaks

IGN: @ThqtzKqrma4u

Something funny: I told my pet fish whats 2-2. They said nothing.

IGN: NFfreak909
Funny: 1. My Face, 2. My Hive β€œSkill”

I mean technically when it comes to giveaways, people have the choice of who they want to enter for

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IGN: @ThqtzKqrma4u
Something funny: Clown :clown_face:


What did one mushroom say to the other one?
β€œYou’re a fungi”

IGN: xBrogamerzx
Something funny

Gl everyone :cubee: and thx zRqre for hosting this :beedance:

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Everyone using hive hub titles as jokes now :cubee:

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IGN: Acrobatic Joe (I would vote for Meri but it looks like she is going to win anyway LOL)
Joke or Something Funny: What do you call a bee that works for the government?
A Pollenticion

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IGN: @FishKing2000
Joke: I don’t trust stairs… They are always up to something


IGN: @ThqtzKqrma4u
Something funny: ࢞