17 facts about me!

1.I have a brother.
2.I like art
4.I also like cats
5.I laugh when i get cold
6.Favourite movie is Despicable Me 3
7.I like to dance
8.I like musical theatre
9. I love movies
10.I love Youtube/Minecraft
11.Ive recently been interested in origami
12.I love to sleep (on weekdays)
13.I dont have any pets
14.I have the WORST Internet
15.I also like writing
16.My Favourite colour is yellow
17.I Play Violin and Piano

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I play violin and piano too!

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I mean, #off-topic doesn’t have that rule


I’m not sure if it applies or not, but it isn’t a huge deal


Cool facts! I used to play the piano, I would love to start learning it again!

Here’s some about me:

  1. I have a dog named Sugar
  2. The only drink I drink is water
  3. I love to play sports (Hockey, Basketball, Football and sometimes tennis
  4. I’m a HiveMC (Java) Moderator

Cool I love sports to, I mostly drink water although my favorite drink is whole milk