10 Costumes = Hive Title


10 costumes = Hive Title

More information:

This Hive Title could be unlocked for buying or getting 10 costumes in the game, but although it seems like pay to win, that’s the point. The Hive Title could be called: “Fashion Frenzy” or “Costume Party”
It’d be cool to see a Hive Title for people who put money and dedication into the game.

I already have 12, even though I haven’t spent a single cent on The Hive, so would this mean that I would get the costume, even though I never bought one?


10 is much too easy to get. I think 50 is a good number


Naw 50 is too much imo.



25 sounds good yeah.

I think 10 is fine lol aren’t they like 2 dollars each? I think it would be cool if you can just get the costumes from the mini games for free by leveling up in them.

I don’t think you know that Hive needs the money lol

Paying 50$ for a hub title, sounds good😂

not really tho if you have connections you can get to the hubs with the tryhards and the drop partys and boom costumes

Hmmmmmmmmm, there 8 unlocked by leveling sooooo
Treasure Hoarder
The Police
The Survivor
Rob the Builder
Sky Figher

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Honestly 15 seems reasonable, imo. but I also think 25 & 10 r fine too.
Maybe different names for the amount you buy? :stuck_out_tongue: Like a title for 10, 25 & 50 that would be awesome!

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If they had one for all of them, they could even have one for 100. I think this would put a light incentive on purchasing hive skins, and would ultimately help the hive. If they had one for 100, I might try to get it even though I only have 62

Bruh, no that would just be too much and could make them look like they only care about money like other servers.

It doesn’t though. Most people wouldn’t even care about the higher ones. It’s just for the Hive’s appreciation for your support, and for the flexing.

Yeah but like ehhhhhhh I don’t know, also this is probably not gonna get added anyway.

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While your rebuttal is weak, you are correct that it probably won’t be added lol

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