1.9 combat update coming to Bedrock

everyone takes the same amount of kb, therefore I can’t straightline, therefore I hurt my pride and pe players are mad

If this happens i am literally going to my local vape store and buy vape client for bedrock and start hacking, because this is the end of the world. Seriously though i won’t because i would migrate to java.

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and use vape there :sunglasses:

no don’t do that i was joking

.bind killaura r

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.bind godaura_swearhacks_heckyou yes

I mean There is kinda a vape equivalent for bedrock that is free lol

Me: Yes i know Horion Client.
Other Me: when did you know thi-
Me: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I love Horion! No one suspects a thing!

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The Horion PvP Client!

It’s a really good client, it fixes the mouse delay to make us have better hit registration!!!



I already switched to java weeks ago

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Even if 1.9’s combat changes were to come to Bedrock, Hive can always add attributes to the items so that the cooldown is as short as it was prior to Java 1.9.

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but still, with 1.9 pvp, 1v2s are ridiculously hard

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well i guess i might have to download a hack but first i need to figure out how to download viruses with out my computer not letting me.

dude, if you want to hack don’t talk about it here

.settings velocity 80%

.settings killaura switch aps min 4.2 max 6.0

ok ima stop now


Honestly that would work on versai no cap if you were friends with the admins

i’m still joking, it’s the fact that the 1.9 combat is going to be included is the problem.


1.9 combat isn’t coming

1.15 combat is tho