1.9 combat update coming to Bedrock

So I read the recent stuff on Minecraft on the minecraft.net page, and I discovered that The 1.9 Combat Update (from Java Edition) will actually be coming to bedrock with the new Bedrock update in a few months or so. Not only that, but we will also have nerfing on the swords (Diamond Swords will do the same damage as Iron and Stone will do the same damage as wood swords) and all the stupid cooldowns from the Java Edition. This will definitely change PvP (in my opinion it’ll change it for the worse).

As I said earlier, I am not looking forward to this update and the Hive admins already know about the bad things about the Combat Update because they already run their own Java server. As far as I am aware, Hive on Java still uses the normal/1.8 PvP system.

My question is: When this update comes out, will Hive on Bedrock stick with the original PvP system or change to the new Combat Update?

if they add the 1.9 combat system I’m going to delete the game and play Java

And i don’t know but Microsoft may force the system upon The Hive.


If they add 1.9 I’ll probably ditch the server, or only play deathrun/murder mystery occasionally. I honestly don’t get why microsoft keeps pushing this thing, despite everyone and their dog knowing it isn’t a good pvp system. Its boring, slow, the skill gap is way too low. Sunk Cost fallacy much?


Same here, I honestly don’t get the thought process of these people. The majority of the playerbase is against it, why add it?

oh right they don’t care about the game they’re a corporate

This has been known about for a while. They’re changing 1.9 combat before adding it. I’m glad about it IMO, comboing is pretty much an I win button, which is dumb

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comboing is an I win the fight button because you are more skilled than your opponent


ATTENTION: 1.9 Combat is NOT coming to bedrock!

Mojang is making changes to 1.9 combat on special snapshots on Java. After Jeb and the community agree that they have perfected the changes, then the FIXED version will come to bedrock.

Again, current 1.9 combat is NOT coming to bedrock.


But the thing is, combos are extremely hard to escape from. Strafing is skill that has counterplay, comboing has little counterplay once you’re in one

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@ThanPixel thanks for letting me know
Although the changes might still be trash but idk let’s hope for the best

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nuh uh

they’re gonna make it so that

you HOLD left click to pvp

and lots of other bad things.

It’s going to be slightly better. Still worse than the 1.8 system.

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strafing = combos

how to counter combos:

  1. place blocks on the ground
  2. turn, spam blocks and run, then engage in pvp again
  3. snowballs
  4. close range bows

I agree. I just wanted to make sure that people didn’t think that current 1.9 combat was coming to bedrock. I do wish it stayed like it is. I am 99% sure that these changes will not switch anybody from 1.8 combat to the new system.

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strafing is different than combos. Also, combos usually get you in the air if the other person is good enough

that’s the problem known as atrocious default minecraft knockback


I’ve thought about the hold to click and that would be pretty nice imo but to some that takes a skill based element out of the game


It would definitely help mobile players

if that gets added, us pc players have to resort to chicken strafing to kill pe players.

And nobody likes that.

What’s chicken strafing and what does this even mean
mobiles are mobiles regardless of cps

chicken strafing is when you hold the space bar and circle strafe a pe player

I don’t know why but generally PE players take no knockback. Don’t know why though.

What does hold to click change in that