1.17 Update Server Problem

Is it just me or ever since I got the new update I have been SO laggy. It’s not just on the Hive it’s on all servers. Before, I had a ping of 50 ms or below and now I have a ping of OVER 400 ms!!! Idk what to do, does anyone have a tip or advice because trying to play Minecraft now is quite torturous… thanks!

Odd for me it boosted my fps up

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My FPS is fine in play but trash in recording

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My FPS has also been pretty normal, around 80ping


why is everyone talking about fps when the OP asked about ping


My ping is better instead of worse. I used to get 76 before now it’s 58
Might be because new update started lagging your device? Try going back to 1.16 if you want to, hive still has 1.16 open :))


Your increase in PING after the “Caves and Cliffs” update may be due to TRAFFIC. This means that a large number of players are logging in at the same time in your region.

I also have a few more theories:

  1. Wifi issues, Try testing your wifi speed with https://www.speedtest.net/
    A Download speed over 100+ is normal.

  2. Date issues, I’m gonna be a bit more technical assuming you are on PC. You may have too many apps open or your computer’s storage is full. To see if it is follow the steps below:

  3. Open Taskbar (Application with a folder image)

  4. Scroll down on the left side and find “This PC” and click

  5. Scroll down and find “Devices and Drives”.

  6. If your storage is full find any images, videos, files, etc that are no longer required and delete them. This should reduce your PING.


Try using a different region