1.16.2 thoughts

So I loaded up minecraft realms on my xbox yesterday and it told me I had to update minecraft, I did that loaded it up and my texture pack (better vanilla textures) has had issues loading the Piglin Brute texture, Only today was I able to update minecraft for nintendo switch.
Anyway to my point what do you lot think of 1.16.2? The chains are placing sideways for some reason but I can live with that for now.

And Since 1.16.2 is out the hive will have a better idea of when swarms will be out.

The update hasn’t effected the Hive yet, so I don’t really care about it that much as of yet

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aw man rip wish 1.16.2 was the update for hive. Anyways its alright because piglet brutes are pretty Nice even doe I won’t be encountering them cuz I dont go to the nether at all and mojang is testing out the new achievement screen but its not here in 1.16.2 so nothing to much for me to hype about.

Other than that I wish the creative mode glitch is still here but I have put down a command block for gamemode s and c so it won’t ever really be patched

The update might be for the Hive, but I’m just saying swarms haven’t been released yet, so the update hasn’t impacted me


in bedrock, there’s no sideways chains D:

Damn lol im so annoyed

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